Annual report 2014

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Social policy

Lenenergo pays much attention to social support of its employees, their families and unemployed pensioners. The Company’s top priorities in the social policy are creation of conditions for effective work of employees, their professional growth and providing opportunities for decent wages. The social policy of Lenenergo is based on the implementation of the Collective agreement valid until 31 December 2015.

Goals of the Social policy

  • Social security of employees
  • Production efficiency increase
  • Maintaining the Company’s competitiveness
  • Incentives for employees for high performance enhancing their welfare
  • Creating favorable social and psychological climate

Main objectives of the Social policy

  • Protection of employees through the system of benefits and guarantees provided by the State and the Company
  • Achievement and maintenance of social stability in the Company
  • Creation of effective and safe jobs
  • Recruitment and retention of skilled employees
Areas of the Social policy and tools of its implementation
Areas Tools
Provision of social benefits and compensation The Collective agreement provides the following benefits and compensation for employees:
  • provision and payment of additional holidays;
  • bonuses and allowances for the working conditions deviating from normal;
  • remuneration to the annual holiday;
  • longevity pay;
  • remuneration of the employees awarded departmental awards, awards of the Committee on energy and engineering of St. Petersburg and corporate awards of Lenenergo;
  • single payment at the birth of a child and a monthly childcare allowance for a child under 3;
  • payment of financial assistance in connection with the marriage registration;
  • compensation of expenses for the children preschool education to large families and families with a disabled child;
  • encouragement of employees to anniversaries;
  • encouragement to festive dates (International Women’s Day, Power Engineer’s Day);
  • partial compensation of payment of the electric energy used in a life, to all workers, and also pensioners and disabled workers of Lenenergo;
  • partial compensation of electricity payment to all employees, retirees and disabled workers of Lenenergo;
  • other payments.
Intangible motivation For hard work and success in work in 2014, employees were awarded by the following incentives and rewards:
  • Gratitude of the Government of the Russian Federation — 1 employee;
  • departmental awards of the Ministry of Energy of Russia — 50 employees;
  • branch awards of RAEL Association — 88 employees;
  • corporate awards of Rosseti— 366 employees and Lenenergo — 1086 employees;
  • awards of the Committee on energy and engineering of St. Petersburg — 12 employees.
Disease prevention and health safety In order to maintain and improve the health of employees the Company annually carries out the following activities:
  • voluntary medical insurance;
  • insurance against accidents and diseases;
  • preliminary and periodic medical examinations;
  • fluorographic inspections;
  • vaccination against flu;
  • vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis;
  • special assessment of working conditions;
  • provision of special clothing and footwear and other personal protective equipment;
  • training of employees in first aid in case of accidents in the production.
Organization of health-improving rest for employees and their families

The employees of Lenenergo, who need sanatorium treatment, are provided with permits to sanatorium partially or fully paid by the Company. In 2014, 134 employees were paid compensation for the permits purchased on a summer holiday. Sanatorium-resort treatment was organized for 43 employees.

In summer 2014, children’s recreation and sports camps welcomed 317 children of Lenenergo employees.

Private pension provision Private pension provision of Lenenergo employees is carried out through the Private pension fund of the power industry. In 2014, the following programs of private pension provision were implemented:
  • within the Corporate plan the Supporting program according to which the Company at the expense of its own funds organizes private pension provision of the employees dismissed in connection with their retirement;
  • within the parity plan the Program of solidary financing of private pension provision by the Company and employees, under which the Company and employees in common on a parity basis participate in the formation of private pension provision of employees;
  • the Program of co-Financing aimed at the support of pension accumulation formation under Federal Law #56-FZ of 30 April 2008 «About additional insurance fees to the funded pension and state support of formation of pension accumulation».
Work with youth The Company has established the young professionals Council, which amounts to 107 people. The Council of young specialists successfully implemented the plan approved for 2014. In the reporting year, within development of scientific and innovation activities were held:
  • two conferences of the Youth innovative center;
  • a youth round table organized within St. Petersburg International Economic Forum;
  • a youth conference in the format of a round table «Qualified employees to the power complex of Russia» within the Russian International Energy Forum;
  • educational stream «Technopolis» organized within the International Forum of Young Power Engineers and Industrialists «Forcing-2014»;
  • competition of projects developed by young specialists «From idea to introduction», which took place within the International Electricity Forum RuGrids-Electro;
  • participation in the International Forum «Power Efficiency and Energy Saving» within ENES—2014 III.
Support of unemployed pensioners — veterans of the Company

Special attention is paid to unemployed pensioners, retirees, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and invalids. The veterans who worked in Lenenergo are annually invited to the celebrations devoted to the Day of the Siege, Victory Day, and the Day of Energy Blockade Brake.

The Company has established the Coordinating Council of veterans, which consists of 1,295 pensioners of Lenenergo, including:

67 participants of the Great Patriotic War, 27 homefront workers, 29 prisoners of concentration camps and 168 residents of besieged Leningrad.

For them the Company provides:

  • private pension provision;
  • financial support;
  • congratulations from the Director General;
  • payments to anniversaries and festive dates (the Day of the Siege to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Victory Day, the Day of Power Engineers);
  • compensation of electricity payments;
  • financial aid for burial.


Lenenergo has traditionally provided charitable assistance to public and religious organizations, cultural institutions, funds for creativity development and sports organizations located in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The Company cares for and supports the activities of orphanages, veterans’ organizations, and foundations for disabled people regularly addressing Lenenergo with the requests for charitable assistance.

In 2014, Lenenergo implemented a charity campaign to collect humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine. Within the all-Russia event «A fir-tree to Novorossiya» at the end of 2014, more than 100 gifts to the children of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics were sent from Lenenergo.

Also in December 2014, the Company’s employees participated in the event «Waiting for a miracle» thanks to which Christmas gifts were collected for orphan children and children left without parental care. The gifts were sent to five orphanages, boarding schools, and shelters together with the Foundation «Mercy for children».

In 2014, Lenenergo became the sponsor of IX St. Petersburg Christmas Fair.

Internal communications

The Social policy is one of the most important directions of internal communications.

  • To build and maintain a positive corporate image throughout 2014 Lenenergo held such activities as children’s drawing competition «Rosseti: children draw!» (a regional stage), an essay contest for employees «Lenenergo is My Company», welcome days and tours to the power facilities of Lenenergo, and mass litter pick. Large-scale rally across the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg and the interactive exhibition of machinery for the residents were dated for Lenenergo birthday.
  • The rally in the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg timed to the birthday of Lenenergo.

  • In connection with the approval of Order #516 of 19 August 2013 «About approval of the concept of activity of JSC Rosseti on development and promotion of physical culture and sports for 2013-2015» the number of sporting events promoting sport among Lenenergo employees has increased. During 2014, the Company’s employees participated in external football tournaments, such as «Ole Promo» and «Corporate Charity League». Also, regular classes were held with a coach of Lenenergo team on mini-football. To maintain the sports spirit, in 2014 Lenenergo organized domestic competition in the format of games among the teams of branches and the Executive office. Eight teams of power engineers (about 300 people) competed in six sports.
  • Internal competitions in the format of Games among the teams of branches and the Executive office.

  • The veterans of the Great Patriotic War and homefront workers who worked in Lenenergo are annually invited to the celebrations devoted to the Day of Siege, the Victory Day, and the Day of Energy Blockade Break. The Company’s veterans receive greeting cards on behalf of the Director General to each of the commemorative events. To support historical values congratulatory posters are distributed in all branches of the Company and the Executive office.
  • Kid’s drawing competition Russian Grids: «Draw Kids!» (regional stage).

  • In 2014, Lenenergo held a commemorative event devoted to the 70th Anniversary of the Day of Siege. Veterans of the power industry together with employees of the Company assigned wreaths and flowers on the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery. The event was followed by the memorable dinner, musical program and delivery of memorable gifts.
  • Laying of wreaths at the memorial «Broken Ring»

  • In celebration of the Victory Day on May 9, during city-wide commemorative events the laying of wreaths and flowers to the monument Motherland and the memorial plate to power engineers on the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery took place. Also, a gala dinner with performance artists was organized. On the Day of Energy Blockade Break of Leningrad on 23 September veterans and employees laid wreaths at the memorial Broken Ring, and visited the museum Road of Life in the village of Osinovets