Annual report 2014

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Open dialogue with stakeholders

In its activity Lenenergo traditionally strives to meet the interests of all parties (stakeholders) involved, including consumers, employees, investment community, public authorities, participants of the region’s power system, suppliers and contractors.

Our vision Directions of work Key priority
Open relationships with consumers allow receiving in due time feedback about the Company that helps to improve the quality of services and efficiency of business processes
  • Creating the system for the accurate measurement of quality and reliability of electricity supply on the basis of international standards.
  • Increasing responsibility for achievement of the target values on quality and reliability.
  • Achieving high loading of new capacity due to better demand planning, revision of criteria for closure of distribution centers, and introduction of phased construction.
Ensuring a fair balance of the cost and quality of services provided
Our vision Directions of work Key priority
Employees are the driving force behind the development of the Company. Their loyalty, skills, willingness to work and satisfaction are the key factors of successful business.
  • Professional growth, including training and knowledge exchange.
  • Increasing focus on implementation of key performance indicators.
  • Effective assessment and promotion of the best employees.
  • Systematic work on development of human resources.
  • Providing social security and decent compensation.
  • Complying with the standards in the field of occupational safety, industrial safety and environmental protection.
Providing professional development, stability and social guarantees
Shareholders, investment community
Our vision Directions of work Key priority
The investment community gives a fair assessment of the business and can make a significant contribution to the formation of the development strategy of the Company.
  • Maintaining RAB-regulation.
  • Enhancing the transparency of tariffs and investment programs.
  • Ensuring maximum transparency of the Company by non-discriminatory provision of information about the Company to its stakeholders.
  • Maintaining a constructive dialogue with representatives of the investment community, sell side and debt capital market analysts.
Increasing shareholder value and dividend yield
Public authorities
Our vision Directions of work Key priority

The state regulating grid companies by imposing tariffs on their services, as well as through direct and indirect participation in their equity, is the guarantor of well-developed and accessible network infrastructure necessary for business development and social needs.

The status of natural monopoly, the equity interest of the city of St. Petersburg and the company with state participation of Rosseti imposes on Lenenergo an unconditional obligation to ensure power security of the region.

  • Meeting the needs of the economy of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in new technological connections to electric networks.
  • Implementing strategic priorities of the power grid complex of Russia, promoting harmonious development of the whole industry in the country.
  • Interacting with regulatory authorities during development of the state tariff policy.
Ensuring energy security of the region and network infrastructure development
Participants of the power supply system of the region (including sales companies, third-party network companies)
Our vision Directions of work Key priority
Effective interaction with all participants of the region’s power system is necessary for performance of its obligations on electricity transmission to the consumers of the region and ensuring reliable operation.
  • Ensuring the coordinated development of the power grid complex of the region.
  • Implementing the unified technical policy of phased construction.
  • Ensuring timely execution of counter obligations.
Maintaining the stability of power supply through timely execution of mutual obligations
Suppliers and contractors
Our vision Directions of work Key priority
Long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers and contractors ensure efficient operating and investment activities of the Company.
  • Ensuring transparent procurement procedures and selection of contractors.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with reputable partners.
Building trustworthy relationships with its business partners on a parity basis