Annual report 2014

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Customer policy

Improving the quality of customer service as one of the key categories of interested parties is among strategic priorities of Lenenergo. The company strives to fully consider the needs of clients in the organization of industrial activity. Customer-oriented approach promotes loyalty among consumers of services.

Lenenergo introduces a system of centralized services to ensure high quality services in all areas of activity. Standard “Centralized customer service system” was approved by the Board of Directors (item 6 of Minutes #13 of 19.12.2011).

The principles of centralized services

  • sufficient awareness for consumers about the company and services;
  • territorial accessibility and comfort of full-time service;
  • the availability and responsiveness of correspondence and interactive services;
  • qualified service;
  • transparency of business processes of customer service and fair consideration of consumer complaints
Forms of Customer Service
Form Possibilities of appeal
Internal service Visit the major customer service centers of Lenenergo, located at: Ligovsky Ave, 61, let. A, and at the address: Constitution Sq, 1, as well as customer application centers in the branches.
Correspondence service Use of such channels of communication as contact center, mail, a client box, without visit of offices and branches of the company.
Interactive service Use of such tools as personal account, Internet reception, e-mail.

In 2014, improvement of the quality of customer service was conducted in the following areas:

Increasing the efficiency of production processes

  • Updating of the regulation of the business process “technological connection to electric networks”, updating job descriptions.
  • Automation of subprocesses of technological connection.

Improving the system of processing applications

  • reduction in the average processing time of applications,
  • development of electronic document management systems
  • automation of the preparation process of draft contracts on technological connection,
  • control of all appeals of the applicants by using an automated process control system of technological connection (ACS PTC) SharePoint.

Expansion of opportunities to submit application on technological connection

  • Opportunity to apply for the technological connection on the phone (with a maximum capacity of power devices up to 15 kW).
  • Development of additional services that provide the possibility of technological connection “turnkey” by the remote application without consumer visiting the grid organization.
  • Provision of services for applying for technological connection through a personal account on the grid organization website in the internal portal on the Internet. At the same time the consumer has an opportunity to track the main stages of processing an application on technological connection.

Operative informing of consumers

  • The work of geographic information system containing information about the sources of supply on a map of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Expansion of opportunities of company communication with customers

  • Creating an outsourcing contact-center with the ability to call on a single phone number of Lenenergo.
  • The work of the Council of consumer service of Lenenergo, a public reception in the House Entrepreneur.

Actual indicators of the quality of services are calculated in accordance with the procedure approved by the Ministry of Energy. Indicators characterizing the main activities of the company are electricity transmission and technological connection.

At calculation of indicators, the total number of complaints of consumers, including applications for the provision of services, reference information requests is considered. Planned values of quality indicators for services in the long term period are approved by executive authorities of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

At the end of 2014, Lenenergo has reached the targets of quality services through the client-oriented approach.

In order to further improve the quality of services, Lenenergo is planning to implement a number of activities, including:

Raising awareness of the applicants on procedures for technological connection to electric networks of Lenenergo.

  • Providing complete information on the Company’s website, including information on the progress of works on technological connection in the section “My Account” of the website.
  • Development of internal and correspondence services, including via the contact center 8-800-700-14-71.
  • Informing applicants on possibility of providing services on technological connection by “turnkey” method.
  • Preparation of single brief information on the procedure of technological connection to electric networks with of applicants with power installations 15-150 kW and over 150 kW.
  • Placement of information on websites and in the offices of grid organizations service centers and guaranteeing suppliers, the executive authorities of St. Petersburg, on websites and in publications of public organizations and advisory bodies in the area of business development.

Development of client services in the Internet through the automation of the following processes:

  • Submission and processing of applications for recovery (re-registration) documents on technological connection;
  • Submission and processing of applications for the reduction of the maximum capacity of power devices in favor of grid organization;
  • Order of additional (accompanying) services;
  • Online interaction with the client during the processing of his application;
  • Receiving data from clients of the company on indications of metering devices of electric energy;
  • Receiving and processing of the customer feedback of the company and the services rendered by the company;
  • Receiving and processing of citizens applications and providing information on the current status of processing applications.

Assistance to the regional economic development: the creation of favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, improvement of the National rating investment climate in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and the rating of the World Bank “Doing Business” in St. Petersburg.

Development of organizational and administrative documents and contracts for technological connection to electric networks of the applicants, of which the electrical power is 15-150 kW of power supply reliability category 3, in St. Petersburg within a period not exceeding 10 calendar days.

Taking measures, directed on performance of obligations on technological connection of the considered category of applicants till 90 calendar days.

Ensuring control over the current situation on implementation of technological connection of objects of applicants.

The operational solution of the current questions arising at performance of obligations on technological connection, concerning category of the applicants corresponding to criteria of the World Bank.