Annual report 2014

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ACS TP Automatic control system of technological processes
AIMS CEM Automated information-measuring system of commercial electricity metering
ATCS Automated technological control systems
AWP Autumn-winter period
BEG Backbone electric grids
CB RF Central Bank of the Russian Federation
CC Charter capital
CJSC Closed Joint Stock Company
CJSC MICEX SE, MICEX Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, Closed Joint Stock Company
CL Cable line
Company Lenenergo, Open Joint Stock Company of the Power Industry and Electrification
CSC Customer service center
CSS Commodity stocks and supplies
DGC Distribution grid company
DOCS Dispatch Operation Control Service
DTP Distribution transformer point
DZ Distribution zone
ECA Emergency control automatics
EG Electric grids
FA Fixed assets
FFMS Federal Financial Markets Service
FL Federal Law
FST Field service team
FTS Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation
GIS Geographic information system
GISW Gas-insulated switchgear
HPS Hydroelectric power station
IDGC Interregional distribution grid company
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard
IP Investment program
IT Information technologies
JSC Open Joint Stock Company
JSC FGC UES Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System, Joint Stock Company
JSC SO UES System Operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia, Joint Stock Company
LLC Limited Liability Company
LR Leningrad Region
MCI Metal-clad installation
NCC Network control center
OC Operational control
OTL Overhead transmission line
R&D Research and Development
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
RDC Regional dispatch control
REC Regional Energy Commission
RPAE Relay protection and automatic equipment
SDCs Subsidiaries and dependent companies
SG Switch-gear
SO-CDC UES JSC System Operator — Central Dispatch Control of the Unified Energy System
SIW Self-supporting insulated wire
SPB St. Petersburg
SS Substation
ST Switchgear and Transformers
SW Switch
TL Transmission line
TRR Technical re-equipment and reconstruction
TPP Thermal power plant
UNEG Unified National (All-Russian) Electric Grid
VAT Value Added Tax
Units of measure
bn Billion
Hz Hertz — frequency of electric current
Km Kilometer
kV Kilovolt — unit of voltage
KVA Kilovolt-ampere — unit of full power
kWh Kilowatt per hour — unit of generated electric power
mln Million
MVA Megavolt-ampere — unit of transformer power
MVAr Megavolt-ampere reactive — unit of electrical reactive power
MW Megawatt — unit of electrical power capacity
p.p. Percentage points
Pcs Pieces
RUB Rubles
Thous. Thousand
Balanced financial result (profit minus loss) Final financial result revealed on the basis of accounting of all business operations of organizations. Represents the sum of profit (loss) from sale of goods (work, services), fixed assets, and other assets of the organization and incomes from non-sales transactions minus the sum of expenses for these operations. Data on the balanced financial result is provided for a circle of large and medium-sized organizations at current prices, structure and methodology of the corresponding years, according to financial reporting
Capitalization Market cost of the Company, calculated by multiplying the price of shares and their total amount
Company Lenenergo, Open Joint Stock Company of the Power Industry and Electrification
Consumer price index and tariffs for goods and paid services to population (CPI) Indicator characterizing the time variation of the overall level of prices and tariffs for goods and services purchased by the population for non-productive consumption. It measures the relation of cost of the fixed kit of goods and services in the current period to its cost in the previous period
Distribution grid company, DGC Open joint stock company established as a result of division of AO-Energo by types of activity on the basis of power grid facilities not related to the Unified National (All-Russian) Electric Grid
Dividend Part of net profit of the Company, allocated between shareholders
EBITDA (abbr. Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) — analytical indicator equal to the volume of profit before deduction for expenses on interest, tax payments, and depreciation charges
Electric power industry Branch of economy of the Russian Federation, including a complex of economic relations arising in the course of production (including production in the mode of combined generation of electric and heat power), transmission of electric power, operatively-dispatching management in the electric power industry, sales and consumption of electric power with the use of production and other property objects (including those entering the Unified Energy System of Russia), belonging by right of ownership or other basis prescribed by Federal Laws to subjects of the electric power industry or other persons. The electric power industry is the basis of functioning of the economy and life-support
Electric power industry system The electric part of the power supply system and receivers of electric power fed by this grid, united by a generality of the process of production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electric power
Industrial production index Relative indicator characterizing the change of scale of production in the compared periods. Individual and composite indices of industrial production differ. Individual indices reflect changes in output of one product and are calculated as the relation of volumes of output of the given type of product in natural material expression in the periods compared. The composite index of industrial production characterizes cumulative changes of production of all types of goods. The index characterizes the change of cost created in the course of industrial production as a result of change only of physical volume of produced goods. To calculate the composite index of production of industrial output, individual indices by concrete types for industrial output are gradually aggregated into indices by economic activities and industrial production as a whole
Inflation Process defined by increase in the overall price level in the economy, or, which is equivalent — by a decrease in the purchasing power of money
Material transaction Transaction that may significantly affect the Company activity. The list of such transactions is determined by the Company independently
Net assets The value determined by subtracting the sums of liabilities of a joint stock company accepted to calculation, from the sum of its assets accepted to calculation
Net debt Net debt is calculated as a sum of long-term and short-term debt net of cash and short-term investments (line 510 + line 610 — line 250 — line 260 of the balance sheet)
Productive supply Amount of electric power transmitted to end consumers, connected to networks of a distribution grid company
RAB abbr. Regulated Asset Base (method of return on invested capital used for calculation of tariffs for electric power transmission)
Relay protection Devices intended for automatic switching-off of a damaged element from power supplies by means of switches and for response to dangerous abnormal operating modes of elements of the power supply system
ROE abbr. Return on equity — profit on equity (share) capital. The ratio of net income after payment of taxes and net share capital
Service Useful result of activity satisfying certain needs, but not embodied in any material form. The main types of international services include: transport services, services of hotels and restaurants, mail and communication services, repair of machines, installation of equipment and other types of services not included in the list
Subsidiaries and Dependent Companies Legal entities in which the Company has more than 20% of voting shares, either due to prevailing participation in share capital, or according to an agreement concluded, or otherwise enabled to make decisions accepted by such legal entities
Transmission line An electric installation composed of wires, cables, isolating elements and bearing structures, intended for electric power transmission between two stations of the grid with a possible intermediate take-off
Unemployment rate Ratio of unemployed to economically active people, as a percentage